Guilford High School Year 2 entry assessment?

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Je7ca Tue 30-Oct-18 23:02:35

We'll be relocating to Guildford from Aberdeen in Summer 2019. Heard a lot of good things about GHS and St Cats and decided to register my DD (soon to be 6 in December) for entry assessment for year 2 September 2019 entrance.

Does anyone have any experience of what sort of things they will assess for year 2 entrance? I only read about the 4+ and 7+ assessment and have no idea about year 2.

Thanks in Advance

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Je7ca Wed 23-Jan-19 14:31:19

We got a place for the year 2 after summer this year, yay! Just wondering if anyone in GHS year 1 here? Want to make some friends before the school start, and do GHS has holiday club during summer holiday, so that my DD can meet up some girls.

Thank you.

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