I need advice about the best way to help my daughter change schools

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strawberryredhead Wed 24-Oct-18 13:31:14

Hi we live in London and had to move home. We tried to keep my dd in the same primary school but the commute every day is too much so we are going to have to move her to another school closer to our home. She’s in year 3 atm and really likes her school. But I am really looking forward to her going to a more local school and being able to make friends in our neighbourhood. I’ve put in an in-year admission request with the council but I know there are spaces.
I just wondered if anyone had any good advice about how to best handle this? Like a lot of people, she doesn’t like change and I know she’d feel really shy and nervous starting a new school. She’s lovely though and I’m hoping they’ll do things like give her a buddy to help her settle in.
How do I best support her, give her the news, and handle the move? If you did this, are there any mistakes you made or things you’d do again? We’ve told her that she may need to change school but we plan to tell her for definite soon.
I really need advice because I hate having to do this! Thanks in advance

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BringOnTheScience Wed 24-Oct-18 13:41:07

Does she do any other activities that will help her to get to know her new classmates? Brownies, Cubs, sports? Get her into those locally as soon as you move. Briwnies & Cubs may have waiting lists do get in touch ASAP.

strawberryredhead Wed 24-Oct-18 13:56:47

Thanks that's a good idea. She's not into most sports, but there's an art club that meets near her new school and I was thinking of getting her along to that.

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strawberryredhead Wed 24-Oct-18 19:26:24

Anyone else?

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thehorseandhisboy Wed 24-Oct-18 19:34:37

I think you need to let her know that she'll definitely be changing schools very soon, and as much information about this as you know ie if you know what school it will be.

You may not be offered much time to accept when you are offered a place, so make sure that it doesn't come as a complete surprise to her.

Let her get all her feelings, worries, concerns etc off her chest and reassure her that lots of children move schools and settle in, plug the advantages of moving and confirm that she'll be able to keep in touch with her old friends.

You should be able to make an appointment to look round if you know what school it will be or once you're offered a place. And ask her if there's anything in particular that she's worried about and let her know that you will let the new school know this.

Children are pretty adaptable at this age, even if they don't like the feelings of being out of control of things.

Best of luck.

strawberryredhead Tue 30-Oct-18 14:17:05

Thanks yes I should tell her properly soon.
We were waiting to hear for sure whether we'd got a place, (just in case there was something we didn't know about) but as it's likely she will, we plan to tell her this weekend, when things will be a bit calmer than they've been lately and we can actually sit down and talk about it.

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