New to Cambridge/Chesterton area nursery & primary school

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CATThomasJohnson Tue 16-Oct-18 09:45:37

Thanks so much. I will message you and also repost on Local Talk.

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bluebunnyblue Mon 15-Oct-18 23:56:38

You might be better posting this question in Local Talk.....

All the schools in Chesterton/North Cambridge are decent, have you looked to see which is your catchment school? Most are not oversubscribed so you should have some choice - I think we are quite close to where you're moving to and we should have a very good chance of getting into at least three of the local schools. Re nurseries, my daughters are at Clarence House on Green End Road which we love, I have also heard good things about Chestnut Nursery on the same road, and Sunflower Nursery not too far away. Feel free to message me if you like, my daughters are 21m and very nearly 4y (so also Spet 2019 school start), and I'm happy to discuss the area in more detail.

CATThomasJohnson Mon 15-Oct-18 14:39:59

My family will be moving to Cambridge - to southern part of the Chesterton area. I am looking for a nursery/childminder for my 1 and 3 year old, plus recommended primary schools for my eldest who will be starting sept.2019. Thank you!

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