The Railway Children... what next?

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Dandygal1976 Tue 09-Oct-18 21:18:58


I have finally found a book that engaged my 10 year old son to the point he loved it and did not want it to end (he struggles with comprehension but can 'read' exceptionally (the words). He has liked Famous Five before as well (but not the response re the Railway Children). He did like the Hobbit but I overstretched by trying it (it took too long and above his comprehension I think). he has current affairs magazines (This Week) and I read other things to him... I am looking for the next traditional / classic book suitable... do any of you have suggestions. I would love to read him another book as engaging as this one was to him.

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FlibbertyGiblets Tue 09-Oct-18 21:20:45

How about the Harry Potter books?

Aquilla Tue 09-Oct-18 21:22:36

Mrs Frisby and the Rats of N. I. M. H is brilliant!

katycb Tue 09-Oct-18 21:23:10

Other Victorian type books like Tom's Midnight Garden?

missyB1 Tue 09-Oct-18 21:26:09

My ds loved The Little Princess and The Secret Garden.

Dandygal1976 Tue 09-Oct-18 21:29:20

Thank you all.. are these all age 10 and also ... I would love to do Harry Potter but we have done the films already. Does that matter? I am always a book before film person.

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dontforgetbilly Tue 09-Oct-18 21:30:23

Not a classic but you could try the how to train your dragon series. The books aren't too long individually, reading in order they build well on each other, and the repetitive going over the character details at start of every book could help with comprehension. I'm reading them with my daughter who is the reverse of your son and enjoying them as much as she is!


madeoficecream Tue 09-Oct-18 21:34:14


The Mouse and his Child

Five Children and It/ The Enchanted Castle

LIZS Tue 09-Oct-18 21:34:33

5 Children and It, Swallows and Amazons series, CS Lewis?

Dandygal1976 Tue 09-Oct-18 21:34:53

Thank you.. I will start will Tom's midnight garden and secret garden and if no luck I will move to How to Train Your Dragon. I think I read some of them to my eldest. Such a difference though.. quite funny, my eldest was hard to read for but got it. I read loads to the youngest.. and this was the first book he truly got.

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bakingdemon Tue 09-Oct-18 21:36:23

Did he like the historical aspect? You could try Rosemary Sutcliffe (Eagle of the Ninth) or Geoffrey Trease (Mists Over Athelney)?

Dandygal1976 Tue 09-Oct-18 21:36:46

I will def look at 5 children and It - I have not heard of that. Thank you so much.

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madeoficecream Tue 09-Oct-18 21:37:49

oh and I forgot!

The Children of Green Knowe

and the Tales from the Wyrd Museum series by Robin Jarvis

FunkyBrownie Tue 09-Oct-18 21:38:01

Goodnight Mister Tom (I still love reading this!)
The Borrowers
5 Children and It

Fatted Tue 09-Oct-18 21:40:21

The railway children was the first book I ever fell in love with as a child! It's still a firm favourite now 30 years later! I've always liked it was written somewhat from the perspective of the children, so perhaps books more like that?

EduCated Wed 10-Oct-18 00:05:43

I think Harry Potter would be enjoyable even if you’ve seen the films first. The books have quite a bit more to them and quite a few subplots which don’t make it into the films.

Quite old and noche, but I adored The Greatest Gresham at that age.

MarchingFrogs Wed 10-Oct-18 01:02:28

If he likes Five Children and It, he might like to move on to the other two books in that series, The Phoenix and the Carpet and The Story of the Amulet.

E.Nesbit was one of my favourite writers when I was a childsmile

Firstbornunicorn Wed 10-Oct-18 01:06:50

How about Narnia or Tom Brown's Schooldays? The Railway Children is fab! You should let him watch one of the movies - I still look out for them on TV around Christmas.

Cakeandmarshmallows Wed 10-Oct-18 01:23:04

Colin Dann, the animals of Farthing wood books. I loved these at that age.
The Artemis Fowl books.
Some of the Michael Morpurgo books, though they are often very sad!
The Tillerman family books, cynthia Voight. Might be a bit old for him at the moment though.

LikeLemondrops Wed 10-Oct-18 01:39:11

5 children and It, Tom Sawyer, the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Swallows and Amazons, the Narnia chronicles.

jellyelly Wed 10-Oct-18 01:48:30

If sticking to E Nesbit he may like The Treasure Seekers - less magic than the 5 Children and It books, so a bit more like the Railway Children?

junebirthdaygirl Wed 10-Oct-18 07:27:53

One book a lot of children have really engaged with for me is The Midnight Fox.
Lovely book, easy to follow and enough suspense as book goes on to hold their interest.

landoflostcontent Wed 10-Oct-18 07:33:58

Agree about the Green Knowe books. Also may I recommend The Greengage Summer by Rumer Godden.

drspouse Wed 10-Oct-18 13:27:12

Joan Aiken is also someone I loved at that age. Midnight's Children is more historical and others more magical.

drspouse Wed 10-Oct-18 13:27:44

Oops sorry Midnight is a Place; don't think Salman Rushdie is quite right for a 10 year old.

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