Moving help! Streatham Vale vs Coulsdon vs Purley

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Banoffee8 Sun 07-Oct-18 10:28:41

Hi! My DH and I are really stuck. WWYD? We have an 18m DS and currently live in a 1 bedroom flat near East Croydon station and desperately need more space (parking, garden etc) and we want to move somewhere with good primary schools. We have been looking in Coulsdon and Purley up to now and have our eye on a lovely house near Woodmansterne station. But we are recognising how much we rely on MIL/FIL for childcare and they live in Mitcham (but they are willing to travel to Coulsdon/Purley to help us). And we are realising how much the commute to/from work will cut into our family time. DH works near Oxford Street and my job changes but I need to be able to get to Clapham Junction or Northern line easily. So we thought we would have a look at houses in Streatham Vale, and we saw one we like there too. We know nothing about primary schools (ideally state, private would be a backup) in the area. But commuting and childcare would be a lot easier. If anyone has any insight or advice please help! Thank you smile

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TheDisillusionedAnarchist Mon 08-Oct-18 18:16:09

The two state primary schools in Streatham Vale (Woodmansterne and Granton) are both outstanding. Woodmansterne also has a new secondary. Streatham is very family friendly.

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