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Jmaria90 Thu 04-Oct-18 10:58:17

Hi, looking for a bit of advice. my DS is 9, in year 4 primary at a school that has a lot of disruptive children.
He is incredibly bright and has always done very well at school and worked with children from older year groups. The school is so inconsistent in their approach to teaching. So far this is how it’s went....
Year 1 - worked with own year group (taken out for some subjects to work at a higher level)
Year 2 - classes got merged so year 1 & year 2 working together
Year 3 - half the year working with his own class, half the year working with year 5 and doing very well
Year 4 - back to working with his own class

I’ve just been to parents evening, teacher expressed concern of his behaviour (shouting out answers, carrying on with the other kids)
When discussing maths I expressed my concern that he wasn’t being challenged and that his boredom could be adding to his attitude and behaviour (I still don’t condone it but it could have an effect as he is in a class with the most disruptive of children) teacher said she needs to get other children up to an expected level as they are not grasping the basics.
I’m so annoyed as surely that should not be effecting my sons education. He is now doing work he has already done 2 years ago.

The ofsted report came back as needs improvement and the areas they were failing in was pushing children in maths so I can’t understand how or why they are now holding him back.

Looking at other schools but finding it so hard to find a decent school in my area.

Sorry for the long message and appogise in advance if it makes no sense 🙈

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AllMYSmellySocks Thu 04-Oct-18 12:45:37

You're definitely not being unreasonable. Acceleration (i.e. moving forward with the syllabus) is generally not recommended for bright children - they should be offered work at a greater depth within the syllabus. For subjects like maths there are almost limitless opportunities to provide challenge within the syllabus.
It doesn't sound like a great school to be honest is there an alternative? If not I'd push for him to be given work that challenges him.

Jmaria90 Thu 04-Oct-18 13:00:58

Thanks for your reply, it’s a terrible school by all accounts to be honest. It was not one of my choices but as he did not get a place at any of the 3 schools I listed this is where he was offered. Parents are constantly showing up intoxicated, most children are not working to the National average. Teachers really don’t know what is going on with the school And the head teacher is the most indecisive person I’ve met. (Hence the numerous changes)
I’ve spent the morning on the phone to my local Authority who have advised me of a school that has a place and is one of the top performing schools in the region. So I’m going to get the admission forms tonight and get the ball moving as I’d be so disappointed if he lost the want to learn and I can see it heading that way. Thanks for your response

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Pigletin Thu 04-Oct-18 21:29:10

The only advice I can give you is get him out of there. Fast.

Stephthegreat Thu 04-Oct-18 21:35:10

It sounds like they cannot or will not offer him what he needs,I think you are doing the right thing by moving him.

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