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MulderitsmeX Thu 04-Oct-18 00:11:50

Looking for some advice here. Am currently looking at primary schools in Sheen and also houses in the area as need to move from the Fulham area.

Houses we can afford seem to be in the Darrell catchment area, I've seen so many mixed things about this place. Ds is under 1 so no idea What he will be like but knowing me and DH am thinking strong academics would be good. Also v worried about bullying as think DS will be a big softie! Can't afford private. What are the thoughts on this and are there any schools to seriously avoid?

So stressful not only finding a house but dealing with schools 4 years in the future!!

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Ontopofthesunset Thu 04-Oct-18 20:53:49

All the schools in Richmond are good. I understand that Darell is a very good school and there are several posters on here who have personal recent positive experiences of it.

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