Moving schools - how do I support my child?

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salfordmate Wed 03-Oct-18 21:59:40

Our current childminder has decided she doesn't want to do wraparound care Anymore from the school our kids attend. Our daughter, having been there for a year and a half in nursery, has just started Reception and our son has just started at nursery. We don't have any problems with the school and wouldn't choose to move but the school has told us they won't provide wraparound care and if we don't have wraparound, we both work full time, we just can't pick them up!

There is another childminder starting up doing wraparound from this school but what if In a year or two she decides she doesn't want to do wraparound care and we're stuck again?

Another good local school with wraparound care has places but it seems a huge decision to move the kids. We went with our current school based on our whole childcare arrangements and now they have crumbled I feel devastated.

When I think of consistent wraparound care from the school in one place I feel relieved but the thought of moving the kids from a school we actually like is tough but we may not have any option if we can't actually pick our kids up!

I know you can't help me make the decision but how would I help transition the children to a new school. Also, how do I keep it together? At work I'm a reasoned, rationale, assertive person but when thinking about the decision we have to take I turn into a quivering wreck and struggle not to cry when talking to the head teachers. Can anyone help with tips to keep me from crying? I know children move schools but if I can't keep strong how can I make it all seem very matter of fact for the children?! Any help appreciated!!!

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BackforGood Wed 03-Oct-18 23:21:01

I would honestly stick with the school and move to the new childminder, if she has spaces, and you think she is ok.
You have chosen this school for a reason.. they are in school a lot longer than at afterschool care.
They childminder is no more likely to give up than the other school's arrangements are likely to change. Either could, but just as (or more) likely, neither will.

PurpleAndTurquoise Wed 03-Oct-18 23:51:00

If it's any help my kids love the Breakfast and After school clubs at their school.
Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Hopefully the new school will also be fantastic. Good luck.

GreenTulips Wed 03-Oct-18 23:53:48

Go and loomrlund the new school and see what you think
Not sure why you'd need to see the head Teacher a quick email would do

suitcaseofdreams Thu 04-Oct-18 19:39:16

If you love their current school, I’d just change childminders (afterall there is no guarantee that other school will always offer wraparound care just as there is no guarantee childminder will continue to pick up from current school....these things can always change)

If you do decide to move schools, don’t make a big thing of it - point out the positives of the new school(whatever these may be...when I moved mine it was bigger playground and more clubs/activities) and just do it. Would suggest visit to new school with you, then short session without you (a morning or afternoon) and then start full time the following week. That’s what I did with mine end of Yr 1 and they were fine. At this age it’s not a big deal to them at all :-)

April2018mom Thu 04-Oct-18 19:58:39

Do you love the school or not? If so I personally recommend finding a new childcare provider. Don’t worry too much about it as I’m sure they will understand.
Make a list of good reasons to attend the school. Plan a visit to the school with you at first and then slowly start backing off. If all goes well you can have them full time the following week. One more piece of advice ensure you have email addresses or phone numbers just in case. Consider logistics too.
Good luck.
Hopefully everything will work out for you guys.

Rudolphtherednose Thu 04-Oct-18 20:07:55

I was a quivering wreck over school choices and I my daughter didn’t really seem to notice, all I did was not cry while she was actually looking at my face, and didn’t discuss my concerns while she was listening. She has still really enjoyed her first few weeks at school. So my tip is: don’t add to your sadness by feeling guilty about it rubbing off on the kids - they’ll be fine.

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