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Liesaj Wed 03-Oct-18 15:49:56

Hi all, we have (I think!) determined that we will live in Weybridge (as DH's work is here) - I will most likely commute to London (when I get a job!). DH is already here (just airbnb for time being) and kids (DD is 6 and DS is 8) & I are here from Oz for 8 days checking out local primary schools before permanently relocating in Mid November (I know we are coming mid term). The stress levels are rising as we have found out that many schools are oversubscribed (we visited Cleves, Walton Oaks and St James COE). We are yet to check Bell Farm and Burhill Primary and am also considering Westward (this will stretch us financially but doable -St Georges is probably out of budget). Your comments/views on these 3 schools (and other recommendations please) would be gratefully appreciated.

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Aethelfleda Tue 09-Oct-18 22:02:10

I have a couple of friends whose children liked Westward, and used to know one of the TAs there. Nice friendly little school, children were nurtured and went on to a range of schools. Not necessarily the most academically-shovey environment, but that is a compliment for the school, not a criticism, and the parents I knew were very happy with it (this was a few years ago).

In Walton, Ashley C of E is considered the “naicest” of the state options (and some of the mums there can be quite judgey about the other schools being inferior: classy!!) so do look at that one too, but they have a waiting list as have been Outstanding since the year dot. Grovelands is decent though miles from the station. Walton Oak has lovely buildings though has a mixed demographic as there’s a large estate it pulls from so in previous years they had some discipline issues (actually with the parents, not the kids!)

Burhill is a lovely school and Bell Farm Primary is also highly spoken of by friends who’ve had kids there. If money is tight you don’t necessarily need Westward, but you would be “buying” uppermiddleclass company by choosing there, if that is your preference.

Honestly, check out the “feel” of what you are offered, with the in-term movements you may feel you want to hold out for a particular school. A good strategy if you have two is possibly to take a place for one child at the school you want, the second child will then come under “siblings” on the waiting list, ie will move higher up and hopefully get a place quickly. It’s a nice area and hopefully you can get somewhere nearish to the station.

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