Help finding an alternative school & area to live!

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wondertime Fri 28-Sep-18 05:18:05

We are moving back to the UK after an adventure abroad. Our kids have experienced a progressive education and are used to first name terms with teachers, no uniform and hands on learning with lots of awareness around social emotional learning. We are moving back without a family fold to embrace us so creating a community feels really important. We need to be within a reasonable commute to London and are looking for our children to be in a similar school enviroment that they are used to. City life suits us best I think however I am open to anywhere commutable at this point. Any areas with alternative school (pref 5-16yrs) that embrace newbies into their community??

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pretendingtowork1 Fri 28-Sep-18 06:18:12

King Alfred's in North London

wondertime Fri 28-Sep-18 06:25:31

Thank you pretendingtowork1, I LOVE the look of that school, it would be my very first choice. Sadly though its out of budget, it comes up more expensive that other privates and would need to factor in the expense of living in the area.

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