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Ealing W5/W13 Primary Schools - state and private any views?

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RuthT Mon 11-Jun-07 20:04:32

Hi Mums netters, all of my nct buddies have moved out of the area and so I can't work on this with them. Does any one on line come from Ealing and know about the primary schools, both which ones are good and what you need to do to get on lists etc?

I am getting worried as friends are hyping me up about it

Kewcumber Mon 11-Jun-07 20:06:05

several Ealing mums on the west London thread - nanou isn;t online much but I think knows about this. Quokka has gone off to Singapore but may know something, suggest you put a link on the west lOndon meet up thread.

Sam100 Tue 12-Jun-07 18:48:54

Used to live in Ealing a while ago but still have friends there. Advice here based on where they have chosen to send their kids.

Good primaries are

South Ealing - Little Ealing (no religous requirements), Mount Carmel (have to be a v good catholic)

Ealing Broadway - Christ Church - think you have to be good C of E to get in and/or live in close proximity

North Ealing - Montpelier and North Ealing again think you need to live in close proximity

I'd avoid the Grange - the kids from there used to come past my front door - quite wide vocabulary but not the kind I would like to hear coming out of my dd's mouth!

If you are going private and have a girl then the Notting Hill and Ealing Girls School in North Ealing has quite a good reputation - takes from 3 to 16.

Having had to look for schools myself after moving away from Ealing best advice is to visit the schools and then hang around at school pick up time and see if you like what you see!

RuthT Tue 12-Jun-07 22:55:41

Thanks Sam100 that is pretty comprehensive and v useful - much appreciated and better to hear it from someone with experience.
Any other views welcome

RuthT Tue 12-Jun-07 22:56:40

Any more advice?

Sam100 Tue 12-Jun-07 23:28:05

If you call the Council or check their website they should be able to tell you the entry process for schools.

For state you normally apply in the autumn before the year they start school - so we applied last October for dd to start this coming September.

Some of the schools mentioned do have nursery classes which will take from 4 so they may have different rules for going into nursery - but that does not guarantee you a place in reception. Best thing is to have a look at the website and have a read. Registering early for a state school just means that they will send you their packs when your child is the right age to apply - it doesn't mean you will get a place as that is down to the Council. That is unless they are a church type or other voluntary aided school when a whole different set of rules apply but these will be detailed in the Council's advice pack. Don't worry too much - just have a read of all the info.

Private schools are a completely different kettle of fish - can't help you there I am afraid!

Thisisme1 Mon 09-May-16 14:26:01

Hi Guys
Anybody have any experience of Montpelier Primrary in Ealing?
What do you think of the school?

Was wondering whether to opt for this school or go private - number of reasons for this main one being class size.

However do feel really are plus and minus of both

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