Moving kids from US to UK private school

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Gaomeile Mon 17-Sep-18 23:08:43

This old chestnut...
We're moving our three kiddos to the UK next year (ages 9,7 and 5 which I think is Year 3,4 and reception. They are at pre-school and elementary school in California where we have mindfulness lessons and social-emotional learning (which I think is wonderful) but mindful that the three R's may be a little behind..
Has anyone just been through this? Should I be ordering tutoring books on Amazon?

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Kokeshi123 Tue 18-Sep-18 01:06:21

Private schools all vary hugely (hippy/alternative private schools, pushy prep schools, little local private schools which have nice facilities but are not particularly selective...) What area of the UK are you moving to and what are your aims/reasons in terms of private education?

KoshaMangsho Tue 18-Sep-18 01:27:15

Your five year old will probably be in Year 1. So I have just moved the other way. Reception here is 4-5, Y1, 5-6 and so on. So the UK starts formal schooling a year earlier.
My son turned 6 in January so he’s about six and a half now. He can read and write fluently as could the rest of his Y1 class in his private school. I know now that a Grade 1 Class (which he would have gone into in the US) does not expect students at the start of the year to be reading and writing. So you may find your 7 and 5 year olds have a little catching up to do. It evens out in a couple of years though.
Have a look at the curriculum online and help them catch up as best as you can. But I wouldn’t stress massively.

Zodlebud Tue 18-Sep-18 06:28:25

They will be a little behind but nothing that can’t be caught up quickly at the right prep school and a little help at home. My good friend moved from the US to U.K. last year and has been blogging about the move, including schooling and adjusting socially which you might find useful:

AnotherNewt Tue 18-Sep-18 06:46:26

You need to check the school years no then have a look at the national curriculum. I know private school don't have to follow it, but it does give some idea of the standard. Private schools say they're working two years ahead - occasionally, in very selective schools, that is true.

I agree with PPs - don't do too much, they'll pick it all up rapidly here.

But I was just wondering how long you'll be staying, and whether you elder DC would need to transfer to a secondary whilst here. As that may well be by competitive exam, then that might be the DC who needs most support (once here)

Of course, I have slightly assumed that you're coming London as expat workers (affording 3 at private school, or having a job that pays school fees often means being in the capital). Is that the case?

Solasum Tue 18-Sep-18 06:48:17

Will you be heading black to the US eventually? There is an American School in London...

DunesOfSand Tue 18-Sep-18 07:45:03

Unless they have had a birthday in the past 3 weeks, and those are their ages now, they would be in years 1,3 and 5 by my reckoning.

My kids go to a school that runs Americian and British classes. I'd say the 5 year old is likely to be behind, but the older ones are probably not too far off. Yes, they will have learnt different stuff, but if the older 2 can read, know maths they should be able to access the rest of the curriculum.
Do you know there will be spaces for 3 kids in the same school when you come over?

Pull up the UK national curriculum and see what the targets are for each child (once you've got the correct years confirmed). You might find a private school is slightly ahead of these expectations, but it would be an excellent starting point.


aBroadpurpose Tue 18-Sep-18 18:15:05

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