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Sj17 Sat 08-Sep-18 14:43:28

My son have been offered a place from waiting list yesterday. He will be starting recrption from wednesday, i am abit confused what to do now. As we have moved recently and missed all the welcoming session of the school in summer. school uniform can't be delivered before next week. What to do and how to prepare him in short notice for school. How many set school uni to buy now? The teacher would like yo see us on wednesday after school. What to ask... oh so many question... i am really confused. On another thought, should i consider him for part in school before next tern when he turn 5.

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CripsSandwiches Sat 08-Sep-18 23:05:57

I honestly wouldn't worry too much. Look for a local mum's group where you can ask if anyone's selling school uniform. I personally like to have at least 3 sets of everything but 2 is OK at a pinch. (You have to allow for something to get lost).

I would only go for part time schooling if you feel your DS won't cope with full time - he's bound to be exhausted at first but if he will get used to it I'd let him go for it. Most of the learning happens in the morning so he should probably at least go every morning (and perhaps stay for lunch for social reasons).

I'm sure the teacher will help settle him in and after a week it won't have made any difference that he started later.

zebedeetwinkle Sun 09-Sep-18 16:20:18

Don't do part time!
Teachers will no doubtedly think that you are a bit of an over protective parent that doesn't want their kid to be in school, and they'll miss so so much learning! as well as the fun stuff!

You will see the difference in his ability compared to the other kids if he doesn't go all day!

MingaTurtle Sun 09-Sep-18 16:23:12

Unless he really struggles, I’d go for full time. Otherwise he will be missing out on some of the curriculum and time for building relationships with his friends.

Can you get most of the uniform from a supermarket?

Sj17 Sun 09-Sep-18 22:49:47

Thank you all for the reply. I give a 2nd thought about it and decided to send him full time, he won't struggle I guess. Phoned the school, they sell uniform in a limited no.for each family. Hope that will save us before the delivery comes. Got some bits and pieces from super store today. Last thing, would like to know... do i need to buy a gift for the teacher at 1st day of school? Some of my friend in USA do this... i dont mind buying, but just thinking is it awkward here? what's the custom here in England? Thanks

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FraterculaArctica Sun 09-Sep-18 23:28:05

No, gifts for the teacher are at the end of term or end of year. Definitely not the first day.

Sj17 Mon 10-Sep-18 09:06:49

Thank you very much.

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ReturnfromtheStars Tue 11-Sep-18 22:05:33

Good luck for tomorrow!

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