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Onebloodyjob Sun 02-Sep-18 10:48:51

DD is in year one, last year the school announced that foundation and year one would be merged which I though sounded like a great idea. We then found out that DD would be in a foundation class(with 3 others from year one) but only for registration which in theory I thought sounded ok as they said she'd then join the other year ones for the lessons.
So we went to school for the first day back and DD is in the cloakroom with all the new starters which upset her as she wanted to be with her friends and then she went into class with all the other foundation kids plus the 3 other year ones. From what I gather they all stay in this class now and just head to year one a now and again.
How can this work? I'm willing to be told I'm seeing this all wrong but it doesn't seem right to me? I'll give it some time and then have a chat with the school but does anyone have experience of this?

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Onebloodyjob Sun 02-Sep-18 13:23:54


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sirfredfredgeorge Sun 02-Sep-18 17:26:33

No need to give it time, I think it's perfectly reasonable straight away how your DD's day is structured, how they are being appropriately taught in an environment where the rest of the class is likely in a continuous provision situation but they obviously have more specific goals as YR1 kids.

And yes, asking about how they are managing the social development by segregating such a small part of the year in a class - of course it can be managed and I'm sure the school aren't doing it on a whim, but they're reasonable questions to ask. So as you can help support and re-enforce the reasons outside of the school.

TwoOddSocks Mon 03-Sep-18 08:17:24

It does sound very strange and I would be arranging a meeting with the school to clarify exactly what is going on and why.

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