Griffin House, Buckinghamshire

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brexitschmexit Fri 31-Aug-18 21:52:34

Does anyone have any experience of Griffin House School in Buckinghamshire please? Considering it for DS (KS2).

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sky44 Fri 31-Aug-18 23:31:20

Very small I’ve heard, don’t know anyone who has used it personally. Hopefully someone will know more soon, ?11 plus Crammer

brexitschmexit Sat 01-Sep-18 11:47:15

Oh that's interesting sky, I hadn't realised it was a crammer for 11+. Not really what I'm looking for to be honest. Was hoping it was just a nice small nurturing school with good facilities and good academic performance but not 11+ at any cost. Haven't looked round yet. If anyone else has any experience or further insight I'd be grateful.

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sky44 Sat 01-Sep-18 15:03:17

Why not look at state primaries? Bigger year groups so more choice of clubs and hobbies I imagine. Not sure they have enough of one sex in each year to compete in football matches easily with other schools, may be wrong on that nowadays.

brexitschmexit Sat 01-Sep-18 19:20:29

He is currently at our state catchment junior school and is really unhappy, so I am looking into alternatives. No spaces at other local junior schools, so I've started to research private options (most of them don't have spaces either!) hence me straying a little further afield to schools like Griffin House that I don't know much about.... I am keen to move him for his own happiness but obviously very anxious not to make a rash move and him end up equally unhappy elsewhere!

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sky44 Sat 01-Sep-18 20:54:45

That’s hard, bucks county council have a list of schools showing if any year groups have spaces for each school if that helps. Gateway is larger and nurturing, most preps in Bucks seem to cater for parents trying to pay for their child to pass the 11 plus but head at Gateway seems sensible I hear that all kids are suited to grammars which is good. If you are outside bucks and not aiming for grammar maybe avoid Bucks preps

sky44 Sat 01-Sep-18 20:56:07

Sorry correction - head at Gateway I hear is sensible that NOT all kids are suited to grammars


brexitschmexit Sat 01-Sep-18 21:03:25

Thanks Sky, I really appreciate your comments and insight. I already watch the Bucks vacancies like a hawk! DS may be suited to grammar but I don't know yet and am not hung up on 11+ by any means. Just want to find a school he could be happy at and achieve his potential, whatever that may be.

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