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NinkyNonkyNinkyNonk Tue 28-Aug-18 16:39:15

Hi all,

So my eldest is starting school soon and keeps expressing a desire to be able to read, I've been trying to do some reading with her, encouraging her to read the word, but I'm struggling because she's giving up straight away, saying she can't do it.

I've been reassuring her that she doesn't need to be able to read, I just want her to try, and when she gets stressed I stop immediately. She is quite a perfectionist and can put herself under a lot of pressure not to fail.

I'm not worried about her reading so much, she'll do that in her own time, but am a bit concerned about her giving up out of fear of getting it wrong. Anything I can do that might help before she starts school?

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nuttyknitter Tue 28-Aug-18 16:43:29

The best thing is honestly just to read to her as much as you can, talk about the pictures, the characters, what do you think happens next etc. Does she know the letter sounds and names? If not, Alphablocks on C Beebies is great, and any games, puzzles etc that involve recognising letters and sounds.

Norestformrz Tue 28-Aug-18 17:06:42 I recommend this free online course for parents

Tomorrowillbeachicken Tue 28-Aug-18 19:23:51

Teach your monster to read

AdventuresRUs Tue 28-Aug-18 19:29:00

Shes picking up pressure from you to do something she doesnt feel she can do.

Id stop trying to make her try. School will have a different approach and it should be fun! Read lots of lovely stories to her! If you like see if she can work out the soind words begin with but Id honestly leave it at that.

She probably has her own thoughts and anxieties about school starting. Id really pull back and look at other areas of learning (stories, exploring outdoors, physical play, small motor skills ready for writing, painying, playdough etc.)

ParentTrapped Wed 29-Aug-18 22:57:29

Hey NinkyNonkyNinkyNonk, amazing name! I would definitely not worry about your eldest being able to read at all before starting school, my eldest is starting school this September too and can only read very simple 3 letter words at best. How are you reading with her, through sight word or phonics? I actually just posted on another thread about this, but I was recommended by a girlfriend and it has been great for me. We have been doing it a bit this summer, they have loads of free games on there to learn each sound and if you want to save progress you can pay £7, I haven't done that we just play the free games online. I did pay for the app though which was better for us than the website, you work through all of the 44 phonics sounds and their different spellings, it's not bad value for £7 I don't think.

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