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AliTheMinx Sun 05-Aug-18 12:56:34

My son is 6 and loves maths. His school use Mathletics, but he has completed everything available to him and is asking for more maths. My friend recommended Doodlemaths, so we've been doing the trial questions. So far, so good, so am thinking of upgrading. Do people use it and feel it's good value for money? Has it helped your child to get ahead?

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MrsBobtonTrent Sun 05-Aug-18 21:47:01

I upgraded for my children. It has been useful. The main reason I upgraded (had a code for free trial) was to get through the calibration faster. It took probably 6 weeks to get questions at an appropriate level - this would have taken far far longer had we been on the free and restricted option.

I like that it is quick and simple to use. DC can use my phone if we are out and about. We subsequently bought a cheap tablet so we could use it on a larger screen and two children could do it at once - we had been tablet-free family before.

DD is now catching up in maths and feels more confident. DS (who is quite good at maths) also enjoys using the app, and it has been useful in filling the gaps in rather patchy maths teaching at school. I ask them to get 15 and 30 stars a day, and we probably manage 4-7 days a week depending on what’s going on. The streak thing is very unhelpful for us and I wish we could disable it - both DC are “rule-followers” and found breaking a streak distressing.

I like the parent data and we like sending messages to each other through the app too. I don’t work for them, I just like it at the moment.

amazingsally Mon 06-Aug-18 09:52:42

My son has just started using it after the school bought it smile he spends 10 to 15 min on it every morning and is very enthusiastic about using it.

The streak motivates him to get it done and I can print out certificates from doodlemaths website to award him.

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