Handwriting workbook - penpals maybe?

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drspouse Sun 29-Jul-18 22:05:39

DS has kind of fixed himself into some really awful letter formations- I want to get a workbook where he more or less has to follow the right order.
We use Write from the Start which is helping his accuracy and pencil control but it doesn't teach any letter shapes.
He was supposed to learn cursive in Reception but frankly if more than about 5 of his letters were legible I'd be happy.
School just send blank alphabet sheets and he vaguely goes over them in a random order.
The Penpals scheme looks good but I'd really like a workbook to fill in very carefully on each page (not an app or one with lots of blank space) as that motivates him more.
He is under the OT but they "don't do" letters- apparently that's school's job.

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