Can I request a copy of my child's KS1 SATs results from the school?

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GoingRogue Mon 23-Jul-18 16:28:08

Was told we'd have them today with school reports, but it's actually just a Pupil's Results at Key Stage 1 form showing Teacher Assessment Results.


English Reading
English Writing

And uses 'working in greater depth at the expected standard' or 'working at the expected standard'

I'd like to see actual percentages but don't know if it's possible?

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spanieleyes Mon 23-Jul-18 16:38:18

You can ask for the scaled scores and the school should then give them to you.

GoingRogue Mon 23-Jul-18 17:06:04

Scaled scores. Right. Thank you! Would just be nice to know a bit more detail.

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Norestformrz Mon 23-Jul-18 17:09:16

The school have provided the official assessment. The test results aren't reported but you can ask for them (although they're pretty meaningless)

RedSkyLastNight Mon 23-Jul-18 18:22:09

The scaled score won't give you more detail. It will just tell you how your child performed in a single test on a single day. Does the report not give you a better idea of your child's strengths and weaknesses? Any opportunity to speak to the teacher?

Our school was reluctant to give out the results of actual KS1 SATS tests because they'd been stung by too many parents complaining that they didn't match the teacher assessment.

GoingRogue Mon 23-Jul-18 20:58:15

@RedSkyLastNight we break up on Weds lunchtime and reports etc only came out this afternoon. They do it on purpose so parents don't have enough time to come in and moan I'm sure wink

His report is amazing, we're so proud of him. I'm just a nosy bugger and like to have as much information as humanely possible grin Sure his teacher said at parent's evening that he got 92% in a maths paper and had scribbled the word 'mastery' down so we know he's doing brilliantly there. Just wondered if there was a way of knowing how far off he was from being working at greater depth for one of the other subjects.

And before anyone piles in on me, I'd never say any of this in real life, and I know SAT's don't mean anything.

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LetItGoToRuin Tue 24-Jul-18 08:23:05

The result of one SATs paper won't tell you how far he's off 'greater depth' in any subject. SATs don't really test greater depth. Even if he got full marks in the test, it wouldn't necessarily mean he was working at greater depth. Lots of evidence is collected throughout the year to provide evidence of their level.

What did his report tell you about how he's doing in that subject? That will tell you more than a mark on a single test. Or ask the teacher, who might say, for example, that he's only recently stepped up to show some evidence of greater depth, and there isn't enough evidence to 'award' it at this stage, but that he should be expected to be working at that level next year.

That said, I was nosy too, and asked the teacher (only after I'd seen several other parents ask - I wasn't going to be 'that' parent). They do have to tell you the marks, if you ask.


GoingRogue Tue 24-Jul-18 08:28:01

@LetItGoToRuin thanks for the info. He's working at greater depth in three out of the four categories.

I found out via a friend of a friend who is a teacher last night that we should have acccess to a Comparative Report too. This shows what percentage of pupils attained what, and is split boys/girls and you can see the national score to compare it to as well. Most schools apparently send this out and/or put it on their website, but ours doesn't. Would just be nice to know if lots of kids got the same, and how the school appears to be performing against national scores. It was recently Ofsted-ed good and I don't have any concerns, I'm just very curious by nature.

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LetItGoToRuin Tue 24-Jul-18 08:33:07

If the fourth area is science, they can't get greater depth in science at KS1.

Chickenbhunaandoice Tue 24-Jul-18 08:34:55

and you can see the national score to compare it to as well.

There is no national yet for KS1 and won't be for some time. There is NCER but that is not for publication.

Hersetta427 Tue 24-Jul-18 08:53:05

LetitGo - thanks for that confirmation. My son's report said exceeding in all areas of science but the assessment only said working at the expected standard so now that makes sense.

Rouge - your son's report sounds exactly the same as mine - exceeding in all areas and greater depth in all but science. Am so proud of him. He is a late summer born so is still 6.

GoingRogue Tue 24-Jul-18 10:14:52

@LetItGoToRuin yes, science is the only one where he isn't working at greater depth! So that's really helpful to know he can't get higher than working at expected. Thank you!

@Chickenbhunaandoice what's NCER please? Perhaps the copy of the comparative scores for the KS1 SATs from another school are from 2017 then?

@Hersetta427 wow! Well done to your ds (and you!) That's amazing.

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