Dance Competitions, worthwhile or not?

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ChampagneCharley Sun 22-Jul-18 20:49:53

Not sure if this is the right place for this but it doesn’t seem to fit in any particular category.
I’d like to find out other mum’s experiences of sending their DD or DS to a dance competition. My DD is year 6 and loves to dance and is quite good considering the amount of time she’s done it (I know I’m biased but seeing her against others who are older and been doing it longer she’s done well). Another mum mentioned that her DD does completions and loves it. If it meant my DD could do more dancing (and have her own tutu) she’d love to do it.
But I’m no stageshow mum if you know what I mean, I’m not wanting to to win at any cost, just enjoy having more chances to dance and gain confidence, and I don’t want to have to paint my DD orange etc. Is it worth doing without it being a negative experience?

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BubblesBuddy Mon 23-Jul-18 00:41:16

Does her dance school not organise this for children who are interested? Mine did exams and the annual show with the school. She could audition for the local theatre too. It depends on the type of dance regarding fake tans. If you do disco or ballroom, you go overdressed and orange. If you do modern or ballet, you don’t! Ask your dance school to see what she can do at her level. I assume she has exams.

WeightedCompanionCube Mon 23-Jul-18 07:20:48

Personally - I wouldn't. I've seen what it's done to previously sane, normal women who suddenly lose the plot completely and think their child's the next big thing and the financial costs are horrific in terms of compulsory classes, compulsory private lessons, entrance fees, costumes etc. Giving you a clue - the competition kids where my kids danced at age 6 were typically doing about 4 hour long sessions a week (£10 a class), plus a private for their solos and a shared private for any group dances and having dropped £300 or so I think someone said they'd spent on costumes. It rapidly narrowed their social circle to the point the only other kids they saw were the other dancing competition kids really.

The advent of the "competition crowd" was the reason my kids ended up quitting their dancing school in the end. Shame cos my 6 year old loved dancing and was actually really good at it - but our faces didn't fit and I'm not a natural (or fake) kiss arse.

Fake tans crept in a little bit older up the school - not that much older worryingly and a few of the parents of 5/6 year olds were edging towards getting their kids spraypainted.

BubblesBuddy Mon 23-Jul-18 10:14:19

Mine just did exams. Ballet, tap and modern. The dance school prepped for these. Standard weekly lesson with a booster just before the exam, so no great expense. Standard attire for the exam and I paid the dance school assistant to do DDs hair! Strict rules re hair. The dance show was wonderful. Fond memories. I am glad we avoided competitions from Weighted’s description.

WeightedCompanionCube Mon 23-Jul-18 11:16:18

Mine now go to a dance school in a church hall. No uniform requirements, huge bag of shoes that get passed down kids if you don't want to buy your own, no exams and a teacher who got hacked off with all the competitions and exams and cash grabs and just teaches for the love of getting kids into dance and them enjoying it.

ChampagneCharley Mon 23-Jul-18 22:05:22

The school she’s at is fabulous. They do exams and a show every now and again. I certainly don’t want it to be her whole world (or mine, I’ve seen how hobbies dominate other friends lives, I’m just too lazy for that). I wondered if would give her a chance to dance in front of others and gain some experience and confidence. Thanks for all your views.

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