What can I read with my reception child over summer?

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PassportMessUp Sat 14-Jul-18 20:20:07

Unlike most of mn my reception child is on red band / easier yellow - he seems to be floating between the two. What can I get to help him practice over the summer? Also if anyone has something fun to do to practice letters I would be greatful. We have a month up a mountain with the in laws so might as well make use of the times we don’t have electricity!

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lorisparkle Sat 14-Jul-18 20:25:38

We subscribed to ‘Treasure chest’ over the summer holidays. My boys loved getting new books to read through the post and I could select the right level for them. We also went to the library and they had a range of books for both listening to and reading themselves.

lorisparkle Sat 14-Jul-18 20:26:41

Sorry meant ‘reading chest’!

SweetPeaPods Sat 14-Jul-18 20:27:54

I could have written your post Op (apart from the mountain bit). I’m going to take him to local library and hope they can help, if not I’ve seen some book sets on book people that look good. Read at home books with Biff and Chip in a range of levels.

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Sat 14-Jul-18 20:28:48

You can register on the Oxford Owl website and read banded books online if you want to be sure of the level.
I would mix it in with a few ‘real’ books to spark his interest too -because Biff and Chip do my fucking head in-

The ‘teach your monster to read’ app in nice for phonics practice too

tomhazard Sat 14-Jul-18 20:29:09

The Julia Donaldson songbirds are really good. There are about 3 levels in the pack that would be equivalent to red and yellow and 6 books in each level so that should keep him busy. They are completely phonics based so should support his learning at school. Dd also enjoyed the usbourne wary readers which I found in a charity shop. These were nice because it alternates a page for you to read to him, then an (easier) page for him to read.

LockedOutOfMN Sat 14-Jul-18 20:31:31

Take him on some trips to the library, if you can. Then he can choose some books for himself (with your guidance) and you can also see a selection and anything you might want to buy for keeps.

I would say it's important to read to him, as well as with him, iyswim, so look for books that are fun and engaging even if the words are hard to read.

He might also enjoy nonfiction books like Dorling Kindersley.


IggyAce Sat 14-Jul-18 20:32:46

Sign up for the summer reading challenge at your local library. Our local library have a good selection of the banded books. Please remember to read books to him so he learns expression and to ask him questions to help his comprehension.

PitterPatterOfBigFeet Sat 14-Jul-18 20:45:31

I would use a alternative to ort as they do that at school, I found read, write Inc great you can look up which colours are equivalent to which band and buy black and white versions online for cheap (ten per level I think). Each book concentrates on certain sounds and words.

As an alternative big cat phonics is nice in that the books look more like "proper" reading books and have nicer pictures etc.

I also did "treasure hunts" round the house with DS when he was at that reading level. Write out clues (could just say 'your bed' or more complicated as he gets better at reading) he has to follow the clues and eventually gets a small prize at the end.

MrsPear Sat 14-Jul-18 20:56:06

Thanks everyone

I’ve found the phonics books cheap. I can’t really do the library as we won’t be home to renewal - it is every 2 weeks in person here. I love the idea of a treasure hunt I am definitely doing that!

He loves stories at bed time - Winnie the witch, funny bones and Alfie are all popular. It’s just encouraging him to read.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Sat 14-Jul-18 21:10:38

There’s some you can read online for free on oxford owl

Lollyice Sat 14-Jul-18 21:15:04

SIL got DN a white board and markers to practice writing his letters. He loves it. I saw some A4 chalkboards in poundland this week, cheap and portable.

starfish8 Wed 18-Jul-18 15:26:51

I'd highly recommend Usborne 'Teach your Monster to Read' app for Phonics. I've already got it on my phone but I think its £4.99 and money well spent.

Also, look at The Book People for good reading book sets that will grow with your child. This is excellent value, much better than Biff/Chip etc!


twooomuch Wed 18-Jul-18 15:39:55

Another vote for the reading chest. A really good mix of fiction and non-fiction books at the right reading level. My DC love getting them in the post.

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