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Villanelle Thu 12-Jul-18 21:49:42

DS is 7, in yr2, and has been doing this program since yr1.

Last week his current teacher and his yr3 teacher have decided that he is to read his book 3 times before he can take the quiz and move on to another book. No reason was given in the note home. Is this a normal thing to do? I think he's a great reader and nothing was said at parents evening last month other than that his reading was excellent and above target. He gets good scores on the quizzes.

He loves reading, he reads his school book to me every night as well as other books for pleasure, but now he's racing through his school book and incredibly bored with it I am too, they are not short books so he doesn't want to read or he reads too fast and skips bits and messes words up.

I feel a little bit bad for him, I don't know if I should ask his teacher why they've decided this. It's only this year that he's started to truly enjoy reading fiction.

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Dolceandgabbana14 Sat 14-Jul-18 13:52:34

I'm a teacher and we use accelerated reader at my school. My first thought was that he can read the book without difficulty but isn't able to score high enough on the quizzes, which suggests he isn't understanding what he's reading. What scores is he getting? There are usually five questions and they should be aiming for 80%.

RavenWings Sat 14-Jul-18 13:55:25

I'd also be wondering about comprehension issues, or maybe wanting to build fluency.

Norestformrz Sat 14-Jul-18 14:16:10

Norestformrz Sat 14-Jul-18 14:17:39


Villanelle Sat 14-Jul-18 21:19:03

His ZPD is 3.3 - 5.2, his last few books have been 4.5, 3.9, 4.3 and he scored 100% on the quizzes. His lowest score was 80% a few months ago on a 3.5 book.

We got his school report yesterday and his teacher has said he is a "fluent and confident to read increasingly complex texts and answer questions accurately...working above age related expectations."

He hated reading in reception but slowly developed a love for it throughout year 1 once he was allowed to read non-fiction books quite often and then he made a lot of progress throughout year 2.

I just don't want him to go back to hating it and not trying.

There's a drop in session on Monday so I'll ask then why they've decided to do it.

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Villanelle Sat 14-Jul-18 21:21:17

I realise I sound a bit annoyed/defensive. I'm not! I'm just curious and obviously want to help DS do his best. His year 2 teacher is amazing so I know she'll have good reason for it.

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jelliebelly Sat 14-Jul-18 21:23:16

I'm struggling to see what reason she would have if he enjoys reading and is getting 100% on the comprehension quizzes -

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