How many 4+ would you do?

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pollu85x Thu 12-Jul-18 17:34:46

We live in SE London and are very happy with our place for pre-reception. Our DS's school only goes to 7 so I'm wondering whether to do the 4+ for Alleyns and Dulwich Prep..

I adore his current school, but guess we also wouldn't want an opportunity to pass us by... Any thoughts on what is putting your child through too many assesments in whether at this stage it could just be a 'fun visit' would be appreciated

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CruCru Thu 12-Jul-18 18:31:46


I think the answer will depend on your child. My son was pretty indifferent to the assessments while my daughter definitely knew she was being assessed. At 4+ it should be a fun visit for the child (if a bit stressful for you).

We aren’t going to do 7+ but friends who have have said that it isn’t a whole lot of fun.

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