Phonics Screening Year 1

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LetItGoToRuin Tue 10-Jul-18 13:26:19

Thanks, Feenie, and apologies for misleading the OP!

Feenie Tue 10-Jul-18 12:57:45

Of course, the first response is the one that counts.

Actually, that's not the case - children's last response is. They may self-correct.

LetItGoToRuin Tue 10-Jul-18 12:50:59

Was your DD aware she was doing a test, and if so, was she aware she’d got any wrong? I only ask because a friend’s DD knew she’d got one wrong because she rushed through the test and she knew she had stumbled on the word and quickly corrected it. Of course, the first response is the one that counts.

I guess that the three mistakes could have been random slip-ups caused by rushing or lack of care, or they could indicate some gaps in her knowledge (even though 37 is a good score so there is no concern as such). The teacher would have a good idea which – perhaps you could ask, if you’re interested?

I’ve read on another thread that many teachers look through the results to see if there are any words that caused more problems than others. These words might genuinely be harder (eg ‘saucer’ this year) or might indicate a bit of a gap in the phonics teaching, which the teachers will then address with the whole class.

blessedmum2x Tue 10-Jul-18 12:29:38

My DD got 40/40.

buzzingmama Mon 09-Jul-18 19:16:30

I'm a year 1 teacher and we aim for all children to get above 35. 32 is pass mark, which is fantastic too. So as long as they pass, there is no need to be worried!

Nquartz Mon 09-Jul-18 18:50:59

DD got 36, I was just pleased she passed! When we were practising with her depending on her mood she could get loads wrong or all right, just depends on them on the day

MizCracker Mon 09-Jul-18 18:49:11

37 is good. The pass mark is 32. My DD is one of the more advanced readers and got 38.


Tomorrowillbeachicken Mon 09-Jul-18 18:47:35

I think ds got 39 from what he said. With the inclusion of saucer this year I don’t know how many 40/40 there will be. 37 is fine

mummyofgirls3 Mon 09-Jul-18 18:45:32

I just got our child's phonics results for the year 1 screening. Should she have been able to get 40/40...I'm wondering what is a good mark? She got 37 but is usually quite sharp on reading and her phonics. I know she passed so shouldn't have anything to worry about but I'm just surprised as I don't know if this is an average mark or good? What was your experience?

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