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Onegoodmutha Wed 04-Jul-18 22:22:08

I’m feeling very guilty as I’ve only ever written in the reading record book once per book, ie I don’t write in it every time we read, just each time we read a new book. My MIL thinks the teacher will think that’s the only times I read with my DC and think badly of me. How often do you write in it?
The teacher only writes once a week.

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user789653241 Wed 04-Jul-18 22:56:33

If you feel guilty not writing every time, you can always just sign, tick, initial, etc. I normally just initial the date, if I don't comment.
Or you can comment once for a whole week, on the day before teacher checks the record.

Onegoodmutha Wed 04-Jul-18 22:58:50

I don’t mind writing every time, I just thought once per week was enough. I will start writing every time now, was just wondering what others did?

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user789653241 Wed 04-Jul-18 23:23:34

My ds's school asks children to record it themselves everyday, and parents to comment or initial. But maybe your school does it differently. Don't worry about MIL, if you are worried, ask the teacher for what they expect you to do.

Onegoodmutha Thu 05-Jul-18 05:38:31

Thank you irvineoneahone

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sirfredfredgeorge Thu 05-Jul-18 09:01:21

Spending extra time filling in a diary so that a teacher doesn't think badly of you is crazy, that (albeit tiny) time could be spent talking to your child - the thing that actually drives attainment, not the tracking of it.

Your system of writing works stay with it, I am sure your kids teacher is fully aware of how much time you spend with your child because of her ability, or she could chat to them. Do what is simplest for you, and spend the time saved chatting to the kid.

LetItGoToRuin Thu 05-Jul-18 09:23:31

I think the teacher just wants to know whether the child is reading out loud to someone regularly, and whether there are any issues eg with particular sounds or comprehension. How you communicate this to the teacher is probably not important, unless the school have issued specific instructions.

It only takes a couple of detailed notes in the reading record at the start of the year to provide the teacher with a clear impression of the reading pattern at home. After the first couple of weeks of the year, we tend just to make a brief comment on the day before it is handed back.

I also think that keeping it brief means it’s quicker for the teacher/TA to absorb what has been written, which means that, on the odd occasions when you write something more important (like suggesting the book is too easy, or the content was inappropriate, or just asking for a chat), they’re more likely to notice and respond.


Pascha Thu 05-Jul-18 09:29:55

I write in every day but it's more often just the date and page or chapter number. If anything crops up write that in too such as comprehension issues or queries. The TA likes DS1 to write predictions in once he's read a little bit too. He's goes into KS2 next term so I assume they will start asking a bit more of him like reviews and such.

Pascha Thu 05-Jul-18 09:32:13

Occasionally I use the book to pass messages on ("please can you steer him away from yet more sodding Beast Quest" and suchlike).

ArfArfBarf Thu 05-Jul-18 09:35:00

The impression I’ve had is that less is more. Just put the pages and initial.

I used to write essays each day but now I usually just write one paragraph overview a week of any problems.

Nomummyonlyzuul Thu 05-Jul-18 09:44:30

We don't have reading records anymore. Our school decided as too many weren't bothering to check them or even send the books back to school that all the children had to be punished by no longer allowing any school books to be taken home. I actually miss writing in it so I think yabu wink

PitterPatterOfBigFeet Thu 05-Jul-18 10:50:08

I usually only write a very short comment to make a note of what chapter we've read up to and that's it.

PitterPatterOfBigFeet Thu 05-Jul-18 10:50:51

If DS found it particularly easy or hard then I make a note of that but that's not often the case.

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