Evening childcare

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Heratnumber7 Mon 02-Jul-18 17:48:18

How old are the kids? Just wondering if a local teenager might be able to help out. Contacting the college/6th form is a good idea.

It's the sort of thing I'd offer to help with, though I'm not a CM I'm nowhere near you though.

If you can find even a small room, an AP is a great solution. They would be able to feed DCs and put them to bed for you too.
We had APs for years and it's not really like "having someone in your house". It's like having an older daughter/big sister for your children. They soon become part of the family.

onlyconnect Mon 02-Jul-18 16:46:14

I've had someone for roughly those hours before, but only a couple of days a week. I contacted the local college that offers a childcare course and asked them to advertise the job. I've done this twice and both times found someone really good.

user1498908155 Mon 02-Jul-18 16:32:51

Yes, we did consider but our house is small for another person to be living with us permanently sad

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Heratnumber7 Mon 02-Jul-18 14:20:24

? not !

Heratnumber7 Mon 02-Jul-18 14:20:08

Have you thought about getting an au pair!

user1498908155 Mon 02-Jul-18 14:12:40

Hi ladies,

I live in Sevenoaks. I am looking for evening childcare say between 5 and 7 pm for my two kids on all weekdays. I am finding it too difficult to get someone to come for evening hours, have tried multiple sites like care.com etc. Any suggestions on how I can find such childcare, did any of you need it/has managed to find it.


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