KS1 homework?

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tomhazard Sun 01-Jul-18 17:42:16

Do your dc schools set any? Recently been to a meeting as dd will go into year 1 in September. They said that other than reading as often as possible, they do not set any homework for English or Maths at all. (This is an infant school)

I have no opinion on this one way or the other but was surprised that they don't even have to do a few spellings a term.

Is home learning a bit of a thing of the past? I remember having a spelling book at school and then having to do some maths too. Not saying it's right, just interested if this is across the board or just her school.

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ScipioAfricanus Sun 01-Jul-18 17:55:38

Excellent. There is no evidence that homework (other than reading and later, times tables) has any benefit at primary level. Thank your lucky stars your child's school is being sensible.

I’m a secondary teacher. Homework is helpful at secondary school in many ways. Children are coming in Year 7 already tired, exhausted and sick of homework, when they should be (and we’re in the past) just ramping up to it and quite willing to do it for a few years!

ScipioAfricanus Sun 01-Jul-18 17:59:32

Spelling and maths may well start at junior level.

At my son’s infant school, we have in Year 2 reading every night, spellings every week, maths and English sheets once a week (the latter apparently because parents pushed for it?! Would like to know who they are). Year 1 was reading and spelling only. I think this is too much at infant school level, though fine for junior school (even though, as I said, studies have shown time and time again that homework at that age is at best ineffective and at worst, counter productive as it over loads children when they need down time for play and rest).

cheeseandchoc Sun 01-Jul-18 18:06:28

My DS is just finishing year 1. Each day he has a reading book. Each week he has spellings, a maths sheet, and an English sheet where he has to write sentences on the specific topic and draw a picture. On to of this they expected a phonics workbook to be done weekly. It was/is way too much. He hates doing the homework, and I hate asking hi to complete it. It's such a shame as he loves school.

tomhazard Sun 01-Jul-18 18:28:05

Thanks all sounds like perhaps it's for the best then. As I say I've no idea and when I was at school spelling and times tables were something I did with my mum a lot at home

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gallicgirl Sun 01-Jul-18 18:35:56

I don't recall any in Y1, just lots of reading. Maybe spellings.

My DDs school has creative homework to do during holidays but it's optional. Sometimes, DD does it, sometimes she doesn't. It's usually based around the topics they've covered in class.

She has had homework in Y2 but not every week. Alternates between maths, comprehension and grammar and it's pretty easy, takes 10 minutes tops. I suspect they only set it as there was a survey on homework and I'm guessing parents wanted to see more. I only like to see homework so I have an idea what my child is doing and how she's coping. I trust the school to do everything they need to in class time.

Yura Sun 01-Jul-18 18:37:40

our school sends homework, but its practical stuff. they start last half term in reception. so far my son had to pay for shopping in a supermarket, make toast and cut it in quarters, coubt the windows in the house and find 4 pieces of technology in the house

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