Leaving gift for friend going to different schools

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BumpyK10 Sun 01-Jul-18 11:44:09

My 11 son is going to a different secondary school to his best friend. Wanted to get him a present from my son. I can think of/find lots of ideas for girls to give to girls but absolutely nothing for boys to give to their friends! Any ideas please?

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TeenTimesTwo Sun 01-Jul-18 11:47:59

Sorry, no ideas, but seems a bit weird to me. If he was leaving the area I would understand, but presumably they can stay friends even if at different schools?

DunesOfSand Sun 01-Jul-18 12:09:03

At 11, he might be a bit old for this, but my primary son still has a pic of him and his best mate in a frame on his bedside table - half the picture, and the other half is just a message saying BFF, miss you

BumpyK10 Wed 04-Jul-18 17:05:00

Thank you that sounds lovely

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heatwave2018 Wed 04-Jul-18 17:07:53

Won't they be seeing a lot of each other outside of school?

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