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alagesan Mon 25-Jun-18 15:54:59

Hello all Mums,

recently i have agreed Avon House school offer to my pupil for Sep 2018 nursery(3+) admission.

but due to relocating house to somewhere near school is a problem so decided to cancel the offer, when i called to school Registrar they mentioned i should have cancelled before end of April other wise i have to pay 1 term fees(£3250) as lieu to the school.

now i'm totally frustrated and dont know what to do
whether to pay the amount and send pupil to near by state school
or send him for few months(i can send him for 3 months as im paying the first term amount) .
or if any one looking or missed the school the school for you pubil please let me know if you are still considering then i will speak to school Administration then they will consider your pupil instead of ours.

someone please suggest me which best way to go, current travel time from home by bus it takes around 45 mins, by car around 25 mins(still my wife is learning).

The school starts at 08:30am to 3:30 pm plus 1.5 hours travel, is it worth for 3+ kids,will learn anything as state school runs only 3 hours.

please suggest your views as i' totally confused and dont know how to proceed.


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