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ZebraF Sat 23-Jun-18 07:01:14

We are starting the complicated process of choosing school for DC for next September. Grandparents have offered contribution for private school fees so we are considering our closest two private schools. We have no experience of private education ourselves but I've done a lot of research and now understand that Finborough being an all-through school is less likely to prepare for selective schools e.g. 11+ and also very sporty. Old. Buckenham hall traditional prep with some boarders from 7. Both had recent "excellent in all areas" ISI reports.
Does anyone have recent experience of either/both schools?
Finborough is closer to us and the school days are shorter in the prep school but I don't want dc to stay at same school until 18. Old Buckenham Hall is more focused for exam prep at 11/13 and has better music provision, but I am worried we might not fit in if others are very posh, dc might feel left out if friends are boarding and she is not and the school day is longer in prep school, with prep being done in school. (I was quite looking forward to helping with homework!)
We still plan to look at local primaries too as we were both state educated.
Any advice greatly appreciated.

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