Davenies, Gayhurst or The Beacon

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maz80 Sat 23-Jun-18 00:08:39

Hi everyone, my son will be starting Reception in 2019 and just wondered if anyone can give advice about the above schools? Thank you!

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ChrisTheCat Sun 09-Dec-18 11:04:20

Just bumping as also interested. Same year as you OP.

BubblesBuddy Sun 09-Dec-18 11:14:59

With all prep schools, you need to look at the destination of the leavers. Are they leaving at 11 or doing CE at 13? Are they going to boarding schools at 13 or the Grammars and other schools at 11?

Bucks doesn’t have a Wycombe Abbey equivalent for boys, so what is your plan? What if your DS doesn’t get a grammar place? Work back from what you want and find best fit. Also, get visits sorted out.

ChrisTheCat Sun 09-Dec-18 11:46:43

I'm specifically interested in any recent feedback on Davenies from current or recent parents. Heard quite a bit of negative press about it in the past and would love to know the current view. Thanks.

sky44 Sun 09-Dec-18 18:55:50

There are 3 very good state schools in Beaconsfield at primary level, in particular Butlers Court. I think the education including extracurricular activities offered to the children (partly thanks to their very involved, wealthy and well connected parents) is hard to beat. Plus the opportunity to mix with girls, who they will need to mix with one day in the work place

underneaththeash Mon 10-Dec-18 19:49:41

Unfortunately you just don't get the same academic, rounded education and pastoral care at state schools when you compare to private.

DS has done state, private (Davenies), state (Challoner's) and we're hoping to move him back to private inde next year.
Davenies has been amazing for both our boys and I really regret taking DS out for Year 7. The current headmaster is inspirational.

The Beacon is also a good school, but as its bigger has a different feel to it, not all their children take part in sports matches every week. If you visit both, you should get a feel for which is right for your child.

Gayhurst I wouldn't consider, I'd be amazed if it were still there in 10 years time.

BubblesBuddy Tue 11-Dec-18 08:29:51

I’m never sure 5 year olds need to think about the other sex in the work place!

However, although my earlier suggestion of destinations was dismissed, if a child doesn’t thrive at DrCG, then this really does matter.


ChrisTheCat Tue 11-Dec-18 08:41:40

@underneaththeash thanks so much, that's valuable feedback.

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