Summer holiday learning activities

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Allthatglittersisgold Fri 22-Jun-18 21:52:17

My son had a difficult first year at primary school and it took him a while to settle in. As a result we have been playing catch up all year. He is now doing fine and achieving. He is the youngest in his year and I am worried he will have a similar bad start after summer.

Mostiy over the summer we plan to have lots of family days, beaches, walks, climbing trees etc but I also want to make sure he doesn't fall behind again. He loves reading so it won't be a problem getting him to do some reading each day

Does anyone have any tips for fun ways to keep his numeracy and his writing up to speed? He absolutely hates writing so won't do it of his own accord. I don't want it to be too 'school' like or seem like hard work.

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WipsGlitter Fri 22-Jun-18 21:53:57

A bit of mental maths in the car?

My son is now 10 I wish we done more reading and focused on times tables in the early days.

Ummmmgogo Fri 22-Jun-18 21:56:27

he's still very little so you can't do too much. mine enjoyed writing on steamed up mirrors and colouring in. and writing shopping lists (a LOT if sweets were added to my list grin). cooking and sharing out the sweets from shopping can be numeracy. e.g. if you have 2 Smarties and I give you 5 more how many will you have?

user789653241 Fri 22-Jun-18 21:57:48

Diary. Write ,draw, stick all the things he found. It will be a great memory of summer holiday.

LiveLifeWithPassion Fri 22-Jun-18 21:59:01

Bbcbitesize and youtube songs have some good stuff for numeracy and maths
If he doesn’t want to write just let him draw.
Could try writing a postcard or letter to a family member
a shopping list for a picnic or baking recipe
Make a comic

TeenTimesTwo Fri 22-Jun-18 22:21:11

We used to do summer diaries.
In Reception it was one sentence plus a picture each day.

Allthatglittersisgold Fri 22-Jun-18 23:11:47

Thanks for the ideas. Some really good ones to try!

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