Year 6 writing portfolio, possible something to do with SATs?

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Halfblindbunny Fri 22-Jun-18 19:54:41

DS in hear 6 has come home with two pieces of written work to do by Monday apparently these pieces of work are 'missing' from his portfolio so it is vital they are done by Monday and the teacher seems to have also said something about his performance having to be better. Has the teacher assessment for the writing part of the SATs been submitted yet, is this something to do with that? DS has numerous sporting event to take part in this weekend and fitting this writing in is going to be really hard, especially to do to a good standard. DS is the only one in the class to be given this work. If it's something to do with his SATs then we will just have to try and find some time somewhere. If it's just something his teacher wants him for no real reason I would be tempted to just see her Monday morning and say as we had a weekend full of.activitiea already planned DS will need.mlre time to.complete. Any ideas?

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Latenightmarker Fri 22-Jun-18 20:10:50

The writing deadline for SATS is not until 28th June, so not so much of a rush - unless your DS' school is being moderated - and then the teachers might be in a total panic and desperately want more evidence by Monday!!
Though (as a long serving Y6 teacher) I would say that using "homework" as evidence is suspect anyway - the teachers can't really swear to it that this was totally independent if they weren't there when it was done, iyswim!!
And to allow your DS to do his best, he needs time to draft, redraft, polish etc - with the in class support that is permitted available to him.
If you find time, I'd do just one of them as well as he can and explain to the teachers - they should have had a better grasp of who had ticked off which boxes in time to sort it out in school!!

Halfblindbunny Fri 22-Jun-18 21:38:45

Latenightmarker thanks for the reply. I will do what you suggest and attempt to get one of the tasks completed to a good standard and talk to the teacher on Monday. He doesn't do anything after school on Monday or Tuesday so the beginning of next week we can get the other task done no problem. DS hasn't been off school at all so how these bits of work are missing is a mystery.

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Witchend Sat 23-Jun-18 07:19:28

Could it be to send to the secondary school as a baseline assessment for them? I think one local secondary asks for a sample of work from each child.
If he's going to a different secondary to the others then that might explain why he's not done it in class.

FairySpringer Sat 23-Jun-18 07:24:02

Hmm my yr6 ds said he'd spent all day doing some writing at school yesterday.

Norestformrz Sat 23-Jun-18 07:43:08

Sounds likely the school is receiving a moderation visit and in a panic because there isn't evidence to support teacher assessment.

user789653241 Sat 23-Jun-18 09:10:59

Mrz, that sound worrying. Does that mean the school was giving children better grade than they should, without evidence?


Norestformrz Sat 23-Jun-18 12:56:03

No it means the school hasn't got the evidence that the moderator will expect.

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