Beehive Lane school (Chelmsford) vs Perryhall (Orpington)

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mvallebr Tue 19-Jun-18 14:56:17

Hi everyone,

My wife and I are considering 2 regions to move and the biggest determinant is the school. I work in London and we want to buy something, we narrowed the regions of our search to Chelmsford and Orpington.

We would like more information from parents of both regions, regarding how good do you think these schools are.

Our daughter is still 1.5 years old.

The schools we are considering are:

* Behive Lane community school - Chelmsford -
* Perry fields infant and junior school - Chelmsford -
* Perryhall primary school - Orpington -

Would you have any information to share about any of these?

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mvallebr Tue 19-Jun-18 14:57:20

Chelmsford and Orpington are 2 good regions to commute and with prices we can afford. Also, for secondary education, both have great grammar schools.

Chelmsford would be easier for us, as prices are better, and even being farther from London (outside of M25) the commute is as quick, though more expensive.

That said, my wife read lots of good reviews about Perryhall primary school in Orpington. We want to make an informed decision.

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PettsWoodParadise Sat 07-Jul-18 07:42:20

Hi, I live in Petts Wood which isn’t far from Perry Hall. The Knoll area of Orpington has some lovely houses. Petts Wood has a better community feel but you wouldn’t get Perry Hall from there but Crofton is a great school and bring the larger size has some great facilities and extra music and language options. If thinking long term then the Crofton end of Petts Wood also gives you Darrick Wood secondary school. Bear in mind both Chelmsford and Orpington are in grammar areas so you may have that to grapple with. DD is very happy at the girls grammar - Newstead Wood for example

Some great commuting options from Orp and Petts Wood, still technically in London so easy for the kids when they grown up and travel independently etc. If you have houses or roads you are looking at feel free to ask here or via pm and I am happy to comment.

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