Complaint procedure for Acadamy schools

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Notjustamam Tue 19-Jun-18 13:45:11

My DCs attend an academy. I am extremely unhealthy and disappointed in the school, particularly with the HT. HT refuses to discuss concerns so I have decided to move them to a council run primary in September.
Local council advises complaints have to be made through the Academy and the process should be detailed on their website. It isn’t. Can anyone advise me on the next step?

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Notjustamam Tue 19-Jun-18 13:45:44

Unhappy. Not unhealthy

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Bibesia Tue 19-Jun-18 13:53:12

Write and ask for a copy of the policy.

flowery Tue 19-Jun-18 13:55:32

If the procedure isn't on their website you will need to ask them for it.

admission Tue 19-Jun-18 21:23:57

By law it must be on their website or some other available media. Go into school and ask for a copy of the complaints procedure, which they are obliged to provide for you.

Notjustamam Tue 19-Jun-18 21:35:33

I’ve emailed them. The school secretary is the only one readily available and she is so overwhelmed by her job (lovely older woman) that I always feel incredibly guilty asking her anything

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