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Annie0425 Thu 14-Jun-18 21:14:23

We are trying to find a good school for our son, who will be 3 this November. We are thinking of starting part time at nursery / early years from next year and start reception full time the year after.
Have looked at Crosfields and St Joseph’s as these are the closest to where we live. Really liked the facilities and infrastructure of Crosfields, but not sure how the quality of education is. Do they put more emphasis on extra curricular than academics?
We weren’t very impressed by the facilities at St. Joseph’s, especially after visiting Crosfields. But is it academically better?
Is there any other schools that we can look at around the area?
We are looking at a school that has good balance of academics and extra curricular activities and child to teacher ratio is not too high.
Would really appreciate any suggestions / opinions.


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Adelaide2019 Mon 03-Jun-19 12:15:14

I know this message is old, however, could you let me know what have you decided to do? We are in the same situation: to chose between St Joseph and Crosfields, our son is starting year 2 in September.Many thanks!

Dolphin0811 Mon 03-Feb-20 22:08:03

My DD is at Crosfields and we are not happy there so we are looking at other schools, St. Joseph being one of them. What did you decide?

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