I'm an emotional wreck!

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shakemyhandslikethis Thu 14-Jun-18 13:33:21

So my daughter who isn’t even 4 yet is starting school in Sept.
I know that she’ll be fine. I wouldn’t say 100% she’s ready as she seems too little. But I know that it will be good for her. She loves to learn and is writing a few words now, doing numbers and basic sums and is asking us to help her do more on a daily basis. She’s 100% toilet trained, can dress herself, is independent etc.
I should be excited about her starting school but I’m an emotional wreck.
I’ve just worked out that because she only does 3 days at preschool she has only got 15 days left there. EVER.
I’m in tears daily thinking about it. I don’t want her teachers to see her more than I do.
I need a kick up the bum.
Please can someone reassure me that it’s normal.
All the other parents can’t wait for their children to go.
I feel like a right fool blubbing about this!

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starryeyed19 Thu 14-Jun-18 13:37:09

I think it is incredibly sweet of you to be this concerned but it will be GREAT for your DD. Learning new things, meeting new people, making friends, getting to try things she can't do at home. And when she does get home, you guys can have some special quality time together.

My daughter and I have a little tradition for the first day of every term or half term, when she gets home from school, I make her a gigantic hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. The works. And we sit and talk about her day.

This is a positive thing. It really is.

watchingwithinterest Thu 14-Jun-18 13:40:19

It is heartbreaking, but you will feel better as you both get used to it. I planned to have busy days when my dd went to school but ended up sitting in the car park both days crying. The first two weeks will be awful and then slowly you will feel happier and more relaxed.

Then you will start to enjoy having more time to yourself, and looking forward to the school holidays so you can have her with you all the time. I long for the summer holidays. I feel I have them back as before.

She will thrive and learn and grow. Remember this is right for her and your feelings no matter how strong will subside.

shakemyhandslikethis Thu 14-Jun-18 13:41:15

She’s not even my last baby so I shouldn’t feel this bad about it.
I think I’m lucky because she’s been to an amazing preschool so we will be sad to say bye to all of her teachers.
She’s so so excited about going, but I hate the thought of not being able to spend time with her whenever I want to.
Obviously preschool is optional so if I want to take her to the zoo for the day or keep her home in the paddling pool then I can! Not that I do that often as she prefers going to preschool to staying with me!!!

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letsallhaveanap Thu 14-Jun-18 13:44:01

Aww she certainly sounds like she is ready if she can do sums and loves to learn! She will love it!
And the teachers might see her more but they wont ever know her like you do you dont need to worry about that. They will be dealing with a whole class not watching her every move... the special moments will primarily be yours at this stage. You arent losing her in any way you are just facilitating her learning... theres no need to mourn the loss of her shes only just 4!!! Its not like shes gone off to uni lol!
I bet she will be so excited to share all the new things shes learnt and seen with you when she comes home at the end of the day.
It will make you even closer.

shakemyhandslikethis Thu 14-Jun-18 13:48:18

I thought everyone would be telling me that I’m pathetic getting emotional about my child growing up.
I was really happy to send her to preschool and she’s loved every minute of it there.
I think it’s just the uncertainty of school, combined with the fact that she just seems so young. There are other children going that are almost a year older than her.
I’m sure she’ll be fine.
And I’ve got other LOs to keep me busy. In fact one of them with be starting preschool soon, which I’m really excited about!

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NumbersLetters Thu 14-Jun-18 13:54:33

It's so lovely that you feel like this. It shows how great her preschool has been. You will feel like this again and again I'm afraid....I sat in a meeting recently with my son, who is taking his A levels, and his teachers and I had silent tears rolling down my face for basically the same reason. We love our kids as they are and fear change but it's positive change in both our cases.


shakemyhandslikethis Thu 14-Jun-18 14:00:29

This parenting lark is too emotional! 😢
I suppose I better get used to it!
It’s like the baby, toddler and preschool stages are all over and she’s actually a little girl! She looks grown up too, all tall and skinny with her own opinions of things!
She tried her uniform on last week too.
Determined to stay happy and positive in front of her tho!

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Nodney Thu 14-Jun-18 14:27:08

I have 3 summer born sons who all went to school when they were just turned 4. Every single one I cried over (in the carpark of course!) and felt like I was losing them. But going to school brings it's own special moments (assemblies, talking about their day, watching them blossom and choose friends etc) and, although not the same as the pre-school years, it's just as special. My eldest is going to high school in Sept and I'm going through it all over again!

StormcloakNord Thu 14-Jun-18 14:33:58

I must be in the minority.

I cannot wait for DD to go to school. Prob only cause I'll be waving goodbye to fucking £1041 a month childcare bills grin

Rockandrollwithit Thu 14-Jun-18 14:37:30

My DS1 is still three too, he's four next week.

We're both really excited about him starting school. He's been to a stay and play and was very impressed as his teacher said she also likes dinosaurs. I'm excited for him and looking forward to all that he will learn and the steps he will take towards becoming his own person. I can't wait for him to learn to read so we can share chapter books together, for the trips to museums in the school holidays, for the art projects and school trips.

I don't feel sad at all.

SmileAndNod Thu 14-Jun-18 14:43:00

Oh I felt this with all of mine. I remember sobbing and rocking. I felt bereft. They were fine. I was fine. I feel sad at the end of every stage I think as I know I'm never getting that time back and my children will never be the same and I'm losing them but by bit. Part of being a parent I suppose.

shakemyhandslikethis Thu 14-Jun-18 14:55:35

I think it’s just hit me now because in my head it was 7 or 8 weeks until the end of term, not 5.
It’s going to come round so quick!
I know she’ll love it... but yep I’ll be that parent sobbing in the car park!!!

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SmileAndNod Thu 14-Jun-18 15:33:27

I wouldn't worry. People cry in school all the time. No one will bat an eyelid!

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