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Martuki Wed 13-Jun-18 20:09:32

Hi everyone
I live in Windsor. I loooove Windsor but I don’t like the school system here. I like the school system in Marlow and I would like my kids to go to a grammar school. Ages: 9 (in year 4 currently) and 4 (will start school/reception in Sept). We were thinking to move to Marlow for the schools. Is that crazy living in Windsor? Will I have a school in the town for my young one if we move next year? If I live in town center will I be able to walk to any school with the kids? I heard some schools are oversubscribed. I guess I should look into getting a house in town. Also how is to live in Marlow? I’m not sure if I will miss Windsor! Need some mummy help! Thanks in advance.

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user1490043295 Wed 13-Jun-18 23:13:31

I dont live in marlow but have worked there and my dm lives there. Marlow is nice. Nice pubs and restaurants. It has a big park which is nice. Town centre does not have the big brand shops like Windsor. I personally prefer Windsor . I live in Burnham and prefer windsor as i feel its more lively. As for schools we too thought about moving to Marlow as i felt the schools were better. But the outstanding schools were oversubscribed. We decided twins to outstanding school in cippenham as we are on the border of burnham and slough as we too want to be in a grammer school system

user1490043295 Wed 13-Jun-18 23:26:04

You should also look at bucks council website. There is a school finder app on it and will tell you if its overscribed, how many children were allocated place and distance to school. Also ofstead rating . They have a very good website to help with school selection process

Martuki Thu 14-Jun-18 07:23:19

Thankssss so much for the info very useful.

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Lindy2 Thu 14-Jun-18 07:33:31

Marlow is nice - quieter than Windsor.
You do know though that just because someone lives in a grammer school area it doesn't mean their children will necessarily get into a grammer school. They are selective school where the children need to pass tests to be offered a place. There is no guarantee of passing.

Jdabbers Thu 14-Jun-18 07:38:18

I live in high Wycombe, next town down. In addition to the GS in Marlow there are also more in high Wycombe

A lot of my friends lived in Marlow schooled in HW and visa versa. However the GS are competitive and you will face competing from neighbouring areas such as Gerard's cross, Chalfonts, amersham (although there are GS there), anything on a direct train line basically

With regards to living in Marlow, it's lovely but agree with PP Windsor has more high end shops

Good luck!

Martuki Thu 14-Jun-18 10:58:11

Hi girls thank you so much for replaying. Yes I know about the test/exams. I know some of the schools are oversubscribed. In W we have the Slough GS near by. Saying that one of my friends that lives in W has her girl in the GS Borlase in M! Good luck to everyone too thinking about the GS! Thankssss!

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