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Need advise about schools

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Martuki Wed 13-Jun-18 16:26:35

Hi everyone
I live in Windsor. I loooove Windsor but I don’t like the school system here. I like the school system in Marlow and I would like my kids to go to a grammar school. Ages: 9 (in year 4 currently) and 4 (will start school/reception in Sept). We were thinking to move to Marlow for the schools. Is that crazy living in Windsor? Will I have a school in the town for my young one if we move next year? If I live in town center will I be able to walk to any school with the kids? I heard some schools are oversubscribed. I guess I should look into getting a house in town. Also how is to live in Marlow? I’m not sure if I will miss Windsor! Need some mummy help! Thanks in advance.

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