Chiswick (& nearby) state primary schools

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NewEnglandMum3 Thu 24-May-18 14:52:55

Our family is likely moving from Oxford to Chiswick for autumn 2018 and would like to know if anyone has experience with the lesser mentioned primary schools:
Southfield (Ofsted just done- anyone know the result?)
William Hogarth

We’re looking at homes in both Hounslow and Ealing parts of Chiswick and with 3 kids not so confident we’ll get them all into Grove Park or Strand on the green primaries. And almost certainly not Belmont.

Also wondered if we should consider other areas like Ravenscourt Park, Barnes or elsewhere? Preference to be well linked to central London within 45 min commute. Would like lots of green space and not too urban- hence the attraction to Chiswick.

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ScreamLikeYouMeanIt Thu 24-May-18 19:08:42

I'm sorry I don't know that much about the schools you listed but I know that strand is a good school and has been on a par with Belmont in the not too distant past. It's also a very large school (3 form) with the large amount movement typical of the area, so you never know you might get lucky.

NewEnglandMum3 Sat 26-May-18 12:26:18

Thank you. I hesitate to let a house in Bedford Park if we can't get any sense of the Southfield school reputation. And nearby Ark Priory sounds quite full. Orchard House is an option but have read somewhat mixed things on here. We visited and found it very small compared to the spacious country prep we are leaving in Oxford. I agree that Strand may just be possible space-wise, but would only send the children there if we lived in Grove Park.

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