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Millicent808 Wed 23-May-18 00:48:35

My yr6 child was taken out of class today and made to rewrite pieces of literacy work, she was told this was because her work was different and not at the expected year 6 standard.

This I presume is because the teacher assessments are going to be externally evaluated soon, is it right however that a school demands a child correct work they have already done? She said she was made to feel stupid sad

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soapboxqueen Wed 23-May-18 01:28:32

Yes. Children are expected to edit and improve on work. Additionally a child may be expected to do a piece of work again if they've messed about and not completed a piece of work to their usual standard.

Teacher assessments and the modetations that go with them in year 6 are not based on one piece of work so redoing one piece works not help matters.

Why does your dd say she was made to feel stupid? Because she had to redo it? Because of the way she was spoken to? Because she had to complete the work else where?

Millicent808 Wed 23-May-18 06:56:15

Thanks for your reply soapbox queen. It wasn't just one piece of work, she had to spend the whole day, bar doing PE correcting work. This was out of the class and she was upset by what was said to her. I can see the value of redoing work to consolidate learning but tbh I think this has more to do with impending external valuations of teacher assessments.

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soapboxqueen Wed 23-May-18 07:53:06

Ok. Then I'd ask to speak to the class teacher for clarification as to what the task was and for what purpose. Was she just asked to 'improve' the work or were the corrections given to her to change? Were the corrections written in her book (as they would be through normal marking and feedback) or were they given on a separate sheet so they're would be no record of it in her book?

Millicent808 Wed 23-May-18 08:26:23

I just asked DD, a teaching assistant sat with her and told her which sentences needed changing to make more sense, she also pointed out spelling mistakes and told her how to spell them. There are 12 pieces of work she has to do this for.

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soapboxqueen Wed 23-May-18 09:48:37

OK. That does sound odd. I would say speak to the teacher and ask for clarification. However, if this is some sort of boost for moderation purposes, it is very blatent and therefore I would expect SLT and head to be aware anyway.

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