Starting reception: full-time / part-time?

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InTheRoseGarden Tue 22-May-18 17:10:18

PFB starts reception in September and we have the option of going full-time from day one or having a lunchtime finish for the first two weeks. I'm on maternity leave so childcare isn't a factor. PFB goes to pre-school so is used to a school-like setting. What's best?

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PerspicaciaTick Tue 22-May-18 17:15:15

Full time from day 1 worked for both mine. We had to move bedtime earlier but as it was planned that way it all went very smoothly.

4GreenApples Tue 22-May-18 17:17:33

The school DS1 goes to starts the kids in Reception full time straight away.

DS1 adjusted quickly, and personally I think starting full time was best for him.
I think he’d have found it more unsettling to start part time, adjust to the part time schedule, and then have to shift to full time and readjust to a new schedule after just a few weeks.

Screaminginsideme Tue 22-May-18 17:19:51

If it’s just for 2 weeks then think about what type of child yours is.
Do they do full days at play school? Do they get tired after a couple of busy days?

If your child is at nursery 5 days a week all day or even a couple of full days and some half then they will be fine going full time.
If they have never done a full day or get tired then do the half days.

NiamhFromAcrossTheRoad Tue 22-May-18 17:59:04

Personally, I really like the half days to start with (I know it is not great childcare wise).

The only thing about a choice is that you don't know what the majority of the others will do. I'd be reluctant to have him as the only one coming home early.

Sorry for the entirely useless post!

SleepFreeZone Tue 22-May-18 18:04:07

I think you know your child best. My school did three days of shorter hours then full time from therein.

user789653241 Tue 22-May-18 18:37:48

I would see how it goes when they start. But can't really see the benefit of part time only for 2 weeks, unless you have a concern about transition.


brilliotic Tue 22-May-18 22:45:09

DD currently does 3.5 days at nursery school. By midweek, everything goes rapidly downhill - behaviour, tantrums, toileting, communication, ...

It is still a long time till September but if things haven't improved a lot by then I will be asking school for a part-time start. Something like Wed/Fri pm off for example, or perhaps Tue/Thu (would discuss with school obv), just to give her a breather. I honestly do not think being the only one would affect her - she wouldn't know/realise I don't think.

Couple of years ago, a friend's DD did half days until October half term (only child in a class of 30); the child then decided by herself that she wanted to go full time, and all was fine.

daffodildelight Tue 22-May-18 22:52:26

Part time for the first half term worked really well for all mine.
It was like starting by paddling in the shallow end of the pool and getting deeper at your own pace rather than having to jump straight In to the depths.
Each child is different and a jump straight in might be right for some, whereas dipping your toe in might be best for others.

RainbowFairiesHaveNoPlot Wed 23-May-18 08:05:12

We did the first couple of days full time (they started the day after the other kids went back), then they did a week of half the days in the week (you could pick which) just to reduce the number of kids in the classroom while they were settling in - and then full time from then. Worked well and was nicer than these protracted arrangements with different hours every week where you didn't know if you were coming or going till half term.

Neither of mine have been tired and ready for bed stupidly early when they started school - everyone lied to me! It gave DD1 in particular umpteen amounts of extra energy!

GU24Mum Wed 23-May-18 09:53:19

I think that if you don't have strong feelings, I'd go with what the majority of the children will be doing so that your son doesn't either feel dragged out while everyone else is playing or left there while everyone else goes to the park for the afternoon!

MrsPreston11 Wed 23-May-18 16:30:24

Depends on the child.

I'm self employed and can work from home when needed. So my two only ever did 2 or 3 mornings a week at pre-school as I wanted to have them with me as much as possible.

So straight into full time would have been hard for them both. Especially DD2 who is summer born.

Our school does first week until before lunch, second week until after lunch and then goes full time third week. Suited both of mine.

Eastcoastmost Wed 23-May-18 23:32:09

Full time from day one! Literally zero reason to do half days. Such a silly and old fashioned system!

Paperthinwalls Wed 23-May-18 23:35:54

I’ve taught reception for years.
We did a staggered start for a while but now it’s just straight into it.
It’s a hard slog for about 2 weeks but after that it’s fine. They are knackered by half term though.

PandaPieForTea Wed 23-May-18 23:36:29

It depends on the child. But I’d try to start as you mean to go on if possible and go for full time. My DD was full time at nursery and the obligatory half days left her bouncing off the walls at home. I’m sure the first few weeks at school are tiring for some children, but certainly not all of them.

VoiciLePort Thu 24-May-18 06:51:47

We've just changed to full time because parents have a right to insist on full time from Day 1, and most of ours prefer it for childcare reasons. I agree with others, do what the majority are doing.

WhiteHartLane Thu 24-May-18 13:49:58

Agree with others, depends on the child. DS school did a week of half the class attending 9-11 other half 1-3. Following week the whole class went 9-1 then full time from then. My summerborn DS did a 4 day week til January though as I was concerned about the jump from 15 to 30 hrs (in hindsight I didn't need to be)

TeenTimesTwo Thu 24-May-18 14:48:21

Full time, with early bedtimes.

DD's school (9 years ago!) did full time from day 1, but said if needed take them out for the odd afternoon.

If others are going home, it will be a calm afternoon. If others are staying then he/she won't want to miss out. Some others will be staying as working parents won't have random childcare sorted out after their child stopping day care.

Eastcoastmost Thu 24-May-18 15:00:23

White - that sounds ridiculous! Two hours morning or afternoon? Hardly worth going in! Lots of children these days are used to full nursery days. Seems very odd to me to move backwards and start playing about with the odd hour or two here or there (and expecting a SAHM to be available for pick up or drop off).

InTheRoseGarden Thu 24-May-18 16:18:09

Thanks so much, this is so helpful. wine Lots to think about.

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mindutopia Fri 25-May-18 17:08:09

Mine started full days from the start (thank god, as I was super busy with work that month). If anything, the days almost weren’t long enough and she still had so much energy and was bored and missed school in the afternoons. You know your kid but full days were great for us. I have a friend whose dd only did 2 hours a day for the first 3 weeks! She had to fly family in to help her as she is a teacher herself and had to work full days.

jellycat1 Sat 26-May-18 08:51:59

I think it depends how old your child is. My DS is a September birthday so will be 5 just after he starts Reception. As such I'd go full time from the off for him if I had a choice. In our case the school does a 1215 finish for the first two weeks for everyone.

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