Moving Home during Reception admissions.

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Andrew001 Mon 21-May-18 10:18:54

Our plan had always been to move close to where our son goes to nursery. After reading the admission criteria I am now worried we breach admission rules, I have left moving too late.
My 3-year-old has an admissions deadline of January 2019. Currently own a house in the same local authority as the area and schools we wish him to attend but way out of the catchment area.
Our house goes on the market this week, past experiences tells me that getting a house sale and purchase in place in 7-8 months is highly unlikely.
I am thinking that if by Sept it is looking unlikely, I will rent a property in the catchment area and move into it, vacating the house I am a selling. This would be a 12 month or longer contract.
Below are the two points in the admission criteria that worrying me.
^•Applicants in short term rented accommodation may be asked to provide evidence of their current and former housing arrangements.
•Where an applicant has ownership of a property, that address should be used for the purposes of school admission. The applicant must provide evidence and reasons for the use of any other address.^
I would be gratefully for your help and advice on how the local authority will view this. prh47bridge if you are reading this your opinion would greatly be appreciated.

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prh47bridge Mon 21-May-18 13:14:48

The second point from the admission criteria is crucial. You will still own a property so that address will be used for admissions. Your move to a rented property would almost certainly be viewed as an attempt to manipulate admissions in order to get a place at the school you want.

If you sell your house and move into rented property you will be ok. But moving into rented property while you still own your house won't work.

Andrew001 Mon 21-May-18 15:59:43

Thanks prh47bridge for the quick reply.

It seems my options are, if the house sells before 1st Jan 2019, I can apply from an address nearest to my preferred choice. If it doesn't then I will take a school near my current home and apply for a transfer once it is sold.

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prh47bridge Mon 21-May-18 16:53:21

You should still include your preferred school as your first choice. You never know - you might strike it lucky. But I would agree that, if you don't get your move sorted in time, your best chance of getting a place would be via an in-year application once you have sold your house.

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