Urgent appeals panel advice please - lodging my appeal tonight/tomorrow am

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Playdohonmysocks Tue 15-May-18 19:56:28


I'm finishing off my appeal document tonight and it's long to say the least!

Now I'm completely doubting myself!

The website states:
*Note: If you wish to submit further information to support your appeal then you may do so up to 3 days before the date of appeal.
You'll receive at least 10 school days notice of the date of your appeal. You'll also receive a copy of the Admission Authorities case outlining their reasons for refusal and any other information. You'll receive this before your appeal. It will be sent to you by recorded delivery.*

So do I send everything I have in and then try and forget about it until my appeal date ... or is it wise to hold any information back until I receive the outlined reasons?

I'm wondering if I submit absolutely everything I have now that I'll have no more points to argue ... or is it best to provide everything I have so the panel have plenty of time to read my appeal before they meet me?

Thanks in advance!

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admission Tue 15-May-18 21:25:42

It is imperative that you do not hold back on information. If you do then there is a real danger that the appeal panel will have to be adjourned whilst all parties have the opportunity to study the information submitted.
You should submit what you have and state in the paper that you do intend to submit further evidence nearer to the date of the appeal, when known. Then you should submit so that the panel (especially) have all the papers at least 3 days before the hearing. That means the panel have plenty of time to understand the basis of your appeal and what evidence there is to back up the case.

Playdohonmysocks Tue 15-May-18 21:36:05

Thanks admission.

I've literally just finished ... I've written everything and don't think I'll need to submit any further information, it's all there ready for the deadline for lodging the appeal.

Do the panel have access from tomorrow to the appeal statements or are they provided 3 days before the hearing?

Thanks again

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PatriciaHolm Tue 15-May-18 22:09:39

I normally get docs about a week or so in advance.

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