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Turin101 Thu 10-May-18 21:47:16

Hi all,
I'm currently going through the complaints procedure with my childrens local school.The governors have suddenly realised the head has dropped a massive clanger and now they are stone walling me.
To whom do I complain to about the governors as there is nothing on there school policy?

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Cherrypie32 Thu 10-May-18 23:00:10

Your LEA I should think.

soapboxqueen Thu 10-May-18 23:16:47

If it is an lea school, the lea. An academy or free school, the dfe.

Turin101 Sat 12-May-18 09:43:00

Thanks for the advice it's much appreciated. It is an LEA school but turns out I have to complain to DFE if it's a complaint against governors.

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