Reception choices in Fulham / Putney

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HKMartin Tue 08-May-18 14:54:47

Dear all,

I have visited london last week for school visits and have narrowed down to several schools. We are aiming at reception class.

Fulham Pre Prep
Sinclair House School
Merlin School
Hampshire School

Grateful if you could lend me your wisdom/ experience on these schools. I am inclined on Fulham pre prep given their impressive school size and polite children but the other schools do have their strengths too. My child is coming over from HK for study and we would likely to be in more friendly environment for him to get adjusted to UK education.


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KingFlamingo Tue 08-May-18 20:35:23

Merlin is a lovely pre-prep and keeps your options open. I always think highly of pre-preps with no attached prep as the school has to make sure your DS is prepared for 7+/8+ exams and it can lead to a more thorough pre-prep experience. He can then go onto St Pauls, Kings, Dulwich, Westminster Under or any of the other less super-selective schools. BUT it does mean he would have to sit exams when he is 6 or 7 which is a downside.
Fulham pre-prep is the opposite advantage - you can go all the way through to seniors now there so less pressure. But it does mean if you want to move schools at 11+ or later it will be harder now there.
I would personally avoid sinclair. The facilities and location is odd IMO on Fulham Palace Road. At least Fulham pre-prep moves onto a bigger building after pre-prep.
No experience of Hampshire School.

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