Is there a set time that SATS tests should start?

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Whapwhang Sat 05-May-18 08:33:40

I know which papers are on which day, but is there a specific time they are supposed to start? Just wondering if DS will have time to have his normal music lesson beforehand or not. Obviously will ask school, but can't do that until Tuesday now. And no, don't assume the school will have co-ordinated with the County Music Service - they don't have anything to do with each other.

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user789653241 Sat 05-May-18 08:45:27

At out school, all music lessons are cancelled during Sats week, as they need music room for some use. Can't you contact music service/teacher yourself?

reluctantbrit Sat 05-May-18 09:54:35

DD’s violin teacher already said that no lessons will take place during SATS when she invoiced us in April for this term. All other Year 6 clubs are cancelled apart from gymnastics as they have a display the week after.

WombatStewForTea Sat 05-May-18 09:58:24

No set time but schools generally start quite early once everyone is in and settled. We usually start around 9.30

Whapwhang Sat 05-May-18 10:02:09

Well there has certainly been no blanket cancelling of anything. He has a music exam next month, but even so I think it would be better to avoid what is currently a stressy music lesson just before the days paper. Music teacher probably won't see it that way though.

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reluctantbrit Sat 05-May-18 10:34:45

Whapwhang - my DD decided not to do the next grade this Summer as she just couldn't handle the additional stress of practicing for just another exam.

She prefers playing for fun anyway, not bothers about Grade xyz and we have a teacher who is happy to go with her flow.

BringOnTheScience Sat 05-May-18 17:39:37

Extras were always cancelled at my school. Every possible room, office and walk-in cupboard was needed for those needing extra time, readers, scribes, etc.


user789653241 Sat 05-May-18 17:51:09

If the music lesson will be on, and you don't want him to be taking it, can you not cancel/re-arrange it yourself? Our teacher is very flexible, they will try to do it on another day, or carry forward the fees if not, as long as we tell them in advance.

Whapwhang Sat 05-May-18 18:35:24

I am thinking we will just say he won't be coming, but no there is not any flexibility. Interesting that other schools have cancelled activities - perhaps we have a lot more space than most.

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user789653241 Sun 06-May-18 13:39:20

Tbh, it really depend on the individual child. My ds wouldn't get stressed up by having a music lesson before test. If you think it will affect your child, just cancel it. It's only once, not a big deal.

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