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Twiggyy Sat 28-Apr-18 20:03:37

My daughter has suffered immense bullying at school and only now are school recognising it. My daughter came home from school on Friday with food in her hair and told me they had smeared and rubbed it in during lunch. School didn't contact me. However they knew about it according to my daughter. These children are in year 6.

Our problem is that these kids are attending the same secondary school as my daughter in September and I can't allow her to be subjected to this taunting anymore. I'm devestated for her. I feel the only way to get her through these next few years is home schooling. We have appealed other schools but we know they are hard to get into.
My daughter has autism
Has anyone else done this successfully?

I'd also have to give up my job sad

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starpatch Mon 30-Apr-18 10:05:54

yes of course. there is a whole board on homeschooling under education, post on there as you will get more responses.

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