Arnold House 2019?

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Winterchild77 Fri 27-Apr-18 09:03:33

Hi mums, our son will be going to Arnold House School next year. I thought it would be nice for new boys to get to know each other before that. Anyone up for a play in the park?

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Josie007 Tue 05-Jun-18 18:45:03

Is it too late to change your mind?

Ellathemum Mon 24-Sep-18 12:36:26

Also registered my son with AH, would be very grateful if you could kindly share some tips for the parents interview and kids assessment..very curious about the whole process and abit nervous nowsmile

DeloresJaneUmbridge Mon 24-Sep-18 12:37:52

I don’t know about AH as am not familiar with it but am intrigued by Josie’s response.

2xduogjr Sat 08-Feb-20 14:54:21

Hi Josie, please can you share your thoughts about Arnold House as we are considering it? Thanks

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