how much time for school assignment

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LIZS Fri 27-Apr-18 08:09:52

Assume you are talking about Reception for September? LA should be able to process you application once you are deemed resident fairly quickly but you need to check their definition of resident as you may need to physically be in UK first and have supporting paperwork. Ideally you would want to apply by July as things tend to take longer over summer break. There may also be information sessions and opportunities to meet the teachers beforehand However I would not worry too much as many schools phase the start times for Reception in September, attending part time for a few weeks to settle the. In.

nicole728 Thu 26-Apr-18 20:25:29

Hi! We're moving from the US to Leicester, my daughter will be 4 and I didn't realize the school process would be so complex. How long might it take to be assigned a school after we move? I'm wondering if I should try to find an apartment now before we actually arrive so that we can make sure she starts on time with the other children.

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